Thursday, 26 January 2012

winter skin savers

If you have a tendency to have dry skin, like me, or even worse, if like me you're also prone to eczema - especially during the winter months, I have a few products I want to sing the praises of!

1.) Morrisons Shower Scrub - £1 - I use a general scrub in winter time, something that will do what it says on the tin, but not be stupid expensive. This stuff is amazing, smells great and gets rid of nasty dead skin cells etc. 
2.) E45 Lotion - £2-£4 (roughly) - 200ml - This stuff is essential to the eczema prone! I tend to get in on the inner elbows, back of my knees and hips, I guess the creases of clothing really irritates it during the winter! - This shit is essential. 
3.) Morrisons Cocoa Body Butter - £3 (roughly) - 200ml - This smells great, they have different scents too. Like almond, and aloe vera I believe - But I always go for the cocoa. It smells gorgeous, like I said, soaks in well and most importantly - keeps my skin all smooth and dare I say sassy? Does anyone say sassy anymore... I have used other cocoa body butters, and to be fair, they all offer the same thing - I do prefer a mango scented one during summer - from superdrug, but it was wrongly priced - and it put me off buying it again.
4.) E45 Hand Cream - £3 (roughly) - 50ml - Essential. Handbag. Item.
5.) Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream - £3-£5 (roughly) - Keep your feet pretty with this stuff. I swear with a little love and attention you'll save your feet later on in life!
6.) Bio-Oil - £5+ - 60ml - I mentioned before about bio-oil in two posts. I'll be honest, I know some people use it on their face and have great results - but in the end for me it just wasn't right, it made me break out hideously. However, I use it on common 'problem' areas - and it's working splendidly well! 
7.) Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser - £2+ - 125ml - I've used this stuff for years! I love Simple wet-wipes too, for removing make-up! I switch to the light version when I'm on holiday, or if it's especially hot in England. It's cheap for a face cream and it's a no-nonsense-does-its-job-moisturiser!


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