Sunday, 30 June 2013

Puppy Visits...

It's a very special thing when a puppy comes to visit. Meet Maddie everybody!

My dogs hate getting visits from other dogs - Tricks will 'smile' at new visitors of the animal variety and won't go near them unless they get to close to us. She's getting better, mind you. Scruffy is just scared of everything. 

I think Trixie's gradual training is down to my sisters dog Poppy - my dogs couldn't stand it when she was around, it was mostly jealousy - they adore my sister!

Anyway, my parents friends have a new puppy and came around to show her off and as typical, I was out! Luckily Josh took some gorgeous photos so I didn't miss out...

Do you have a dog, or are you more of a cat person?


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