Monday, 15 July 2013

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Happy Monday Lovelies!

As I type this I feel like I am withering a way into a ball of orange hair and tattoos. Literally. I haven't had such contact with heat like this in years and oh good god there is NO BREEZE! I'd kill for a whisper of it. Seriously

This week will mostly be made up of iced coffees and fruit; new exercises with my back and some reading on a new course I'll be starting in October - not very exciting, but it sounds like bliss to me.

I cannot bear to look at that cushion cover. It's perfect, I mean, I can't deal with it. NEED! And that tray? Well damn. 

We're supposed to be having some cloudier days here in Devon and I cannot wait. I love the sun (especially when there's a slight breeze,) - but I burn easy which makes me bitter to the folk who do tan easy! ;)

In any case I hope you have an amazing week and enjoy the sun while us Brits are lucky to have it - I'm just going to dunk my head in ice!


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