Friday, 12 July 2013

Green + Orange | Mini Haulin'

I finally picked up Reggae Splash from Morrisons the other morning when I had to run out and buy emergency cigars (!) for Joshua. I patted myself on the back for not picking up more colours (trying to curb spending only slightly, I need to save yo'!) and made my way back home. Coming home however and it seems a few small packages had arrived and what tumbled out was all green and orange.

First up, obviously just going to touch on Reggae Splash - it's beautiful - I'm currently rocking it on toes and fingers which never usually happens. It's a subtle summer colour and I dig it. 

A bit boring, but the silicone ice trays were a purchase from eBay - we some how lost ours and had taken to using sandwich bags tied in a knot because we were all so desperate for some ice. I know you can get pretty cool shaped ones but this was just 'grab a bog standard one and be done' kind of thing - plus my local supermarket had sold out and I wasn't about to venture into the city for an ice tray, not in this weather!

I managed to get a sample of the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask to test on my skin, this product has been raved about but I have probably mentioned before - I'd rather get a sample first before shelling out for skin care - I have sensitive/dry skin and sometimes it's paid off being sensible this way. Saying that, I am so eager to try this bad boy!

Last but not least a new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable shade (Charm) for me to lust over - but this one is not in the UK stores I believe so I had to hit eBay for it, and it worked out cheaper than the ones here in the shops anyway! It's a gorgeous peachy shade and feel it's going to have pride of place in my make up bag...


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