Thursday, 11 July 2013

Little Room | Interior Updates

I ain't the greatest photographer at the best of times but when it comes to trying to shoot interior posts in a dinky bedroom = I suck. I thought that I'd just show some progress that has been made so far (we only used to have a bed in here and one side table for Joshua,) but most notably we finally have matching side tables! Huzzah! I picked out the Trysil side table in white/grey purely just to keep the room nice and open. 

There is still some things I'd like to add but I keep thinking to myself save that for when I move out - like the lamps, we prefer having touch lamps and these were the only decent ones that we could afford at the time that still fit in with the monochrome room. Of course the print above the bed would ideally be framed but for now it's just pinned up. I adore that print!

I can always switch up shades and what not but for the mean time I'm pretty happy with this room. It's all chilled - as opposed to my old bedrooms which were always way too busy which made it so much harder to switch off at night. There is no t.v in here and the only electrics that are allowed are mobiles and tablets - but I usually chuck mine in my drawer so I don't get distracted. 

Have you got any interior projects you're working on at the moment?


P.s, We've been very lucky this year, our honeysuckle and clematis climbers are doing very well - plus since we are having an odd bit of weather here in Devon (read; heatwave,) my parents dug out the parrots they bought back from Spain years ago. I think they brighten up the garden splendidly. :)

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