Sunday, 28 July 2013

July | Notes

I thought I would just kick back for today and chat about this month. I don't usually take the time to just sit and update properly - only throwing out partial bits of information here and there but it doesn't really feel all that personal to me - so hence this little note to everyone that reads and follows my blog. 

My back has been 'off,' (which is putting it lightly, it hurts... a lot,) since May - I think, and there's nothing really new to report. I've had some blood tests and I'm awaiting the results if there are any, from that. I don't think there's anything underlying going on, I just think it's what the doctor labelled it as the first time I saw them 'mechanical back pain,' - but then again I am not a medical professional so what do I know? In any case, if anything happens I'll update here.

On a brighter note I've really been digging my skincare routine at the moment. My redness on my cheeks has been radically reduced and I think it has a lot to do with these products. One recommendation for sensitive skin gals like myself; the Botanics Ultra Calm Serum - give it a go and see if it works for you too. 

I've also nearly finished with our bedroom - it needs touching up with paint in one corner where we had a mould problem which has thankfully now been rectified and I need to pick up some new bedding (something jazzy, but classic and I have my eye on something which is under twenty pounds, of good quality and for a kingsize bed - score!) I'll also be picking up one more of these for my dressing table area for more storage. I've also got some DIY plans for that area thanks to this post from Nouvelle Daily - specifically because of the paint used - it should make my life easier when it comes into play.

Hopefully around the October mark I can successfully report back to you on that! Speaking of October, I mentioned that I'll be starting my second module of my Open University education as I successfully passed my first module - I've gone with this course and could not be more excited!

I've finally found my perfect nude polish - praise Ciate for this concoction because it is totally beautiful for my skin tone. Not the greatest of accomplishments - but this is a beauty blog. It was worth mentioning. ;)

In terms of products I am in need of - this weekend bag is a classic and I need it in my life. Let's ignore the price tag. Another pricey item on my radar (it's always the same right?) is the new sunglasses from Ray Ban. I'd like a blue and yellow pair because why the hell not!

Blogs I have been loving recently, Rebecca from 'From Roses' takes the most beautiful photos and content that leaves me swooning. Another constant favourite is Sleep and Water. It's always a pleasure to read those two blogs.

What am I hoping for in August? More good weather, a better back and a new handbag. Not too much, right?

How was your July?


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