Monday, 12 August 2013

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Happy Monday Lovelies!

I've hit a few milestones recently; on my Saturday posting it was my 300th post on this ol' blog and I've only just realised that I hit well over 13,000 views - which is a pretty big deal to me considering that once upon a time absolutely no one was reading and now I'm getting a steady flow of readers (you can follow me on bloglovin' if you like ;) which is amazing. I'd like to think over the past year or so the blog has improved in terms of photographic quality (sometimes, I still battle with the GH1,) but mostly content however if you have any recommendations do feel free to leave them below. 

My little top picks for this week; having picked up a fine knit jumper from H&M and realised that it's cut, colour and overall quality is the holy grail for me for lightweight knits (I prefer to layer lightly,) I have now decided I need 'em all. This grey one included. I also need to re-purchase the flats I bought last year, they are the perfect tan flats and just go with all the things. ALL. 

We're also still on the hunt for the perfect desk. I know Josh wants to make his own but given we don't have the room the kind of size he's looking at we have now come down to a compromise just to buy a simple, cheap but still aesthetically pleasing desk. Like I said, we're still hunting, the one from Ikea (Gallant range) is slightly too big but you get the gist; simple.

On a beauty note; have you seen the beautiful shades from the Christian Dior Pop Art collection? Literally beautiful pops of colour that I'm seriously lusting over...

I won't be posting as much as I have this week; just due to doctors and what not but posting will probably resume as normal next week.

Have an amazing week!


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