Friday, 13 December 2013

November | Notes

I just need to sit for a minute. Or three. Go get a tea, coffee, rum; whatever you're drinking. Let's just chill for a second. Normal programming will resume tomorrow...
So, I mentioned in last months 'notes' post that I had my M.R.I results back, know what's wrong with my back and I have since gone through 5 weeks of acupuncture. So far, my back is just the same. We are waiting for the final sixth 'go' at it and then I have to wait a few more weeks to see if anything positive happens during that time. It's a waiting game and I'm pretty impatient.

I also had my results back from my second teacher marked assignment (with the Open University,) and I scored a very nifty 82 (my previous was a 77,) which is just three points away from a distinction. I've taken down notes from what my tutor wrote about it and I'm aiming higher. It's really great so far and I'm so glad I chose this course.

I also managed to purchase all of my Christmas presents by the first week of December. Not bad going considering I'm usually the type to still be shopping and wrapping by Christmas eve. All it needed was a little budgeting and organizing. 

I'm thinking of taking a little blogging break next week (as of Monday) just for a week to get all the other things in my life that's going on done and dusted. I love blogging, adore it but it's currently come to a point where I really need to concentrate on Uni bits for just a week, sort out home stuff and just take a little breather. I think it's a good thing to do, but have no fear I will return; hopefully brighter eyed and bushy tailed.

How was your November?



  1. Hi,
    Have you written anywhere about your experience with the OU so far? And if not, are you planning to? I'm doing a distance degree course, too, and I'm not finding it lived up to the way they described it so I'm interested to see if the OU works in a different way or not.

    Fingers crossed your back shows some improvement soon, too :) x

    1. I've really only done a brief 'how I keep organized' post with distance learning - but if you're interested in seeing something more on the experience side - I don't mind coming up with a post. :)


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