Sunday, 15 March 2015

Five Favourites

It has been a literal age since I last posted a 'favourites' post of any sort. There is a particular reason - I've been using and loving the same stuff for ages...

Since my operation I have actually had a swell of confidence in going out bare-faced. What started out as "I literally look like death, feel like death and I'm definitely not applying any make up for going shopping - so if anyone questions me of my appearance I shall guilt them by saying I've just had major surgery, you ass," soon morphed into 'actually my skin looks pretty amazing, laters concealer!'
That being said, I've had plenty of favourites, just not all beauty related. So, the first pictured above are lantern string lights from HEMA. First of all, they are under a tenner. Do you know how mind boggling it is when battery operated lights cost upwards of £20 in some places? 

In any case, I adore the bright colours of these - it really brightens an all white room and the soft light makes it really cosy of an evening.

I'd never actually heard of the blog Deliciously Ella until I heard of the recipe book of the same name. What the hell have I been missing out on? The photography is amazing and doesn't fail to make me drool on every single page and the fact that most recipes seem relatively simple is obviously pleasing. I haven't tried anything yet as I've only just picked up the book; but needless to say I've bookmarked a lot and have a shopping list ready!

All the face masks! Since I've been going make-up free for a while and my skin had been acting up due to medication I've been making sure to keep up with a "double threat" face mask on a Sunday and a mid-week sort out with a do-it-all mask

I've recently done a huge haul from Escentual, stocking up on all of my favourites from the French Pharmacy section - super handy that the usual 'upto a third off' offers are on at the moment! It seems kind of ridiculous but I stocked up on lots of sun care too, but after my last holiday and trying out some of the Bioderma Photoderm Bronz range - and loving it in every way, I knew I had to stock up ready for the (hopefully sunny,) upcoming summer. Also, how many times can I type stock up? 

After about a year of pinning uber chic ladies rocking these New Balance 420's (in every single colour way, FYI,) I thought it was about time I treated myself! I picked up the black/grey/cream pair but I kind of already want the burgundy ones too! A huge shout out to Schuh because they were delivered the next day and delivery was free! This isn't a sponsored post, by the by, it just amazed me that they arrived so quickly!

So tell me what's been rocking your world at the minute?


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