Saturday, 4 April 2015


Sandals // Necklace // Illuminator // Terrarium // Bed Socks

I swear to god that every summer I look at all the new sandals that come out but all I really want/need is a simple tan pair. And every year leaves me a little disappointed that I can't find the pair. So far, this H&M pair look good but still not quite what I'm after. I'm really quite fussy with my sandals that I like a sling back, preferably elasticated because a.) I'm lazy and b.) it's way more comfortable.

I've even considered Birkenstocks but I have a suspicion I'm really not 'cool' enough to pull them off. 

After running out of this little gem, I've been meaning to pick up the Revlon PhotoReady SkinLights Illuminator. In peach or bronze, as I tend to use these products mixed with a primer. I just couldn't buy another of the no7 version, even though I frickin' love it - the brush at the end just makes everything so very dried up and just plain unhygienic. If it changed to just a tube? I'd buy all the stock. All of it.

Another thing I've been hankering over is bed socks. I know, we are coming into spring (its still pretty cold, I kind of feel we are still in winter, by the way,) but I need some new ones and a cheeky order may have been placed. I just can't stand having freezing cold feet. Bring on summer (in which I complain that I am too hot, yay!)

Since breaking two of my planters for my cacti (one a terrarium, one a fishbowl style) I've been lurking the UO website as they have some reasonably priced ones on there that look amazing. But honestly, we are all so clumsy that I feel maybe I should just keep my poor cacti and succulents in the "emergency housing" pyrex glass roasting dish they are currently in (I'm not even kidding. Nope.)

Lastly. Turquoise. ALL THE TURQUOISE. Maybe I'm biased because it's my birthstone or whatever, but my god - turquoise with gold is just it for me. I need all the rings and necklaces, cheers.

What's on your wishlist?


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