Friday, 7 June 2013

Finishing Touches...

I have been going on about the changes we've made recently to the rooms Josh and I currently 'own,' - a small bedroom and a living room/study/dressing room. We live at home, as to save money because a.) Josh is a student and b.) I work part time hours, with no guarantee I'll get more than 20 hours a week - so for the mean time whilst I am looking for a full time job - at home we are. We pay for rent and food, but obviously, family rates. ;)

The mission was to downsize (that mission was successful!) but more importantly the next mission is to try and tie things together. Hopefully - mostly in the 'living' space because it is mix & match as far as furniture goes. So, here is my shopping list in an attempt to bridge the gaps between my furniture... and I thought I'd share it with you!

1. Skull Pen Pot - Graham and Green. This for Josh's bedside table.
2. Ikea Cushion Covers. For the sofa, the ones we have now are old, dated and just don't work. I'll keep them for fabric scraps but it's in with the new, dahling! 
3. Gold Leaf Tumbler - Zara Home. This is for my bedside table.
4.) ÖDESTRÄD Duvet Cover - Ikea. It's white, which is essential but the orange is a welcome mix for the bedroom. Adore it. 
5.) Fluor Notebook - Zara Home. I cannot lie, I love list making - I threw this one in for me. Plus, hot pink and gold (from the tumbler) - oh hell YES! It comes in a punchy green too.
6.) Black Vanilla Candle - Zara Home. Another one for me. Cheeky!
7.) Antique Finish Mirror Tray - Zara Home. This one is a big deal, I think. This is for the living room.
8.) Square Resin Turquoise Door Knob - Zara Home. Changing up the wardrobe and topbox. Just a little bit. 
9.) Natural Throw - The Range. A bit boring, but this is nice and neutral for the sofa, not too white and not too cream. The grey throw will be venturing into the bedroom. 

So that's my shopping list! I won't be buying this all in one go, the door knobs, skull pot and the gold tumbler will probably come first. Plus I shall have to save my pennies for the tray - but hopefully it shall transform the rooms - without changing anything too drastic.

Have you got anything decor wise to change & swap around at home?


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