Monday, 31 October 2011

i keep listening to the runaways

Hand Hook! Via cupcakes and cashmere.
I don't know about you, but autumn/winter always throws me for a fucking loop.

I love autumn. Love the colours. Dig the weather in winter. Love the clothes for this time of year.

But there is something so fucking sketchy about it that sends my woman mind into overdrive.

I feel I am a squirrel. I need to get my acorns. Bury 'em. Fucking hold fast over winter. 

I want my own place so bad. I need a change. Want a job so fucking bad. You have no idea how bored I am.

Contemplating taking a course in something just for a creative outlet? Nothing available appeals. Well that's bull, actually, the print making one I could totally dig. Remember doing Batique (can't be assed to google how it's spelt right now, that's how much I need to get this shit OUT THERE) in textile lessons? Yeah.

I want to clean. I want new blankets. Thinking of my own place makes me think of soft furnishings. And furniture. All that kind of shit.

And all I can think of is right now is that I WANT THOSE HAND HOOKS IMMEDIATELY! For a fucking house/flat I don't even have yet!

What the fuck is wrong with me? 


ain't that the truth.
the internet is now in my power.

good day to you sir.

Monday, 24 October 2011

internetz? i can haz?

I've been without internet for about a day and a half...

It's randomly come on now...

Expect a witty post tomorrow if it stays on?

Ohhh shit!

Bye bye. xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

i planned on a witty post...

oops. my bad.

never wearing my gorgeous blue peep toes again. god dayumn. my feet and legs are still sore.

i've decided i need more dresses.

that's all.

actually it's not all. 

i think i might die this winter. fo' realz. it's fucking freezing. as i type, i'm in a gorgeous hoody. i'm so god damn glamorous. 


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

cookie crisp!

There is something beautiful about a cereal that will turn your milk chocolate-y. 

When you are hung over, or feeling sad around breakfast time, or anytime really... I implore you, search your cupboard, pull out that box of cookie crisp/nesquik/chocolate shreddies, and pull out your majestic bowl and spoon! 

Pour the milk! Induce some happiness today!

That shit is magic.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

i've got a notebook...

I have a notebook that is full. Boyfriend got it for me from his college. I filled the first pages with doodles whilst he gamed it. The rest of these pages are devoted to the aforementioned magazine clippings that brought me joy.

The next notebook I bought from Tesco, because I could decorate it myself. I painted that shit gold and I've nearly filled that one up too.

Boyfriend said once, if he ever did a design course, he was going to steal my notebooks to use as coursework. That made me happy.

However, I still have a soft spot for my first notebook. The one with doodles, green glue and a few soup recipes in that I created. The one that is bursting at the seams.

I cherish you, little notebook.

*Kudos if you know the song to which I was doodling too. You get a virtual high five. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

i want a pet fox.

I went to the job 'interview' at the Royal Mail for data entry. It wasn't so much an interview, more like a test. In fact it was a test.

A test, that I know I've passed - but I don't know if I have to have an interview or anything like that yet. I re-read the email and it's called a 'registration event.'

We'll see how that shit flies soon enough, I guess.

In other news, Boyfriend has to look after a friends dog for the next five days. So I'm barely going to be able to see him as much as I have done. Pity me. Feel for me. Even though I'll just be cutting shit out of magazines that I think is pretty.

Still, pity me.

I'm interested now, does anyone else do that? I mostly buy interior design magazines, I used to only buy Elle fashion, but once that started grating on my nerves, I picked up other magazines of interest, etc....

But do you, stranger, that I know is there, cut shit out because it appeals? Do you scrapbook with it? Or schtick it on your wall?

Lemme know. I like to know that kinda shit. I'm nosy.


Friday, 7 October 2011

the thing about not having a job...

Once you have had a job, even if mine was complete shit, that job was my own damn fault for sticking with it for those four godforsaken years, anyway I digress - when you have a job - you go to work on some days, and then do some other shit on your days off, and everything is fine and beautiful because you've got shit that has to be DONE!

But now I have no job. I have to fill my days up with stuff. I think to myself, yes I will go to the gym today. That takes up an hour of my time a day, that's seven hours down. Hot shit.

I can clean my room once a week. An hour or two, depending on how long that shit takes. I can clean out Bear's home. Half hour. 

I could read. 

Maybe eat a sandwich.

Get the point?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

if you ain't no punk, hollah we want pre-nup!

Holy shit I want one of these. For Boyfriend, not myself. He could fucking game it in style.



Tuesday, 4 October 2011


'Sup. Her name is bear, and yeah she is fucking gorgeous and a superstar. But you could already sense that. She just has that way about her. Bear really loves sugar and salt, but right now we're trying to curb her habit and shit. She also finds peppers really awesome, as well as lettuce and carrots. She has an on/off relationship with spinach.

So this is my baby. My girl. I like to rub her fur all over my face because it reminds me that everything will be okay as long as bear is in the world.

The end.

Also, do you have a hamster? They are fucking totally cool.

Monday, 3 October 2011

i haz asos magazine...

If you happen to live under a shell, this is a very glorious Eames Eiffel thingy chair. And I adore them. But only adore the ones with wooden legs. I also only REALLY truly adore them if they are white, black or yellow.

This is number one and if Boyfriend has any sense he will win the lottery and buy me these chairs.

Here's lookin' at you kid.

UPDATE: What annoys me most about reading fashion magazines and blogs is that YES, somethings (trends) are different, but really it remains the same... FLORALS IN SPRING, HOW SURPRISING, AND OHMYGOSH... KNITWEAR?!? IN AUTUMN/WINTER? YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

did you know WHAT?

I haven't been without my boyfriend in two months. Fo' realz. He's practically been sewn to my very central atom fiber being or whatever the fuck.

That being said, today I dropped him off home. I wasn't teary. I sang along to 'Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves' on the radio on the way back to mine. 

I felt good to be a 'Sister', probably, I only get that feeling when this song comes onto the radio (Pirate FM if you're wondering, because somehow my radio has now rejected Radio 1?) and then I feel all amazing even though I don't have a job and y'know, I'm pretty much a bum. 

Whatever. I'm 20! 20 GOD DAMNIT! And I am a WOMAN! Feel my awesomeness!

Then I get home and flop on my bed. It's hot. I am pale and very much part-irish (being part-irish makes you pale sometimes, and also sometimes gives you loads of freckles, but the most important thing is that you can drink LOADS MOAR than average English people,) and therefore I hate the sun unless I am in Spain. 

But sometimes I hate the sun when I'm in Spain too.

Boyfriend hates the sun as well, even though he's all swanky and mildly Italian in some way. 

I digress, I flop on my bed. I internet around for a while. I get paranoid for about an hour, as you do. I play with my hamster, Bear. Bear is fabulous and one day you will meet her.

I do something silly that gives me a headache. I drink juice. I get on with flopping around, avoiding the heat.

Then dinner rolls around then I get fed and I'm all like "YAY FOOD!" BUT THEN - - Something happens.

Something dreadful. I realize that Boyfriend isn't here. He isn't here to protect me from spiders, like he promised. I have to cope TWO WHOLE NIGHTS away from him, anyway, let alone, IF A SOPHIE-EATING-SPIDER crawls into my room, probably with a Russian accent, and Bear cannot protect me, she's  in her cage, mocking me.


I internet some more and avoid my paranoia/responsibilities/phobias.

Good day.